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Beer mats, the merger and the statistics…

Over the past two weeks, a staggering 100,000 beer mats have been delivered to licensed establishments throughout Wirral promoting the best kept secret merger of Argyle and Satellite. The merger although not a complete surprise to everyone within the industry has certainly seen a positive impact in terms of bookings being taken and the reduction in passenger waiting times. With over 50,000 COMPLETED journeys being done each week, and over 95% of customers being picked up in under 15 minutes of booking the journey the merger does seem to be having the desired affect; strength and growth through excellent customer services and improved customer retention levels.

From an operations perspective the call center agents are proudly answering just over 99.5% of all calls! Even on Saturday 9th September less than 150 calls were missed all night. This level of customer service along with providing customers with realistic waiting times has also reduced the number of no shows (bogey’s) driver experience.

Due to the levels of¬†efficiency we are observing, it may not feel as busy as it was previously; which certainly isn’t the case. This is in part due to the work bypassing the BID screen and being automatically allocated to the next available driver within that zone. It is therefore important that drivers use their STC (soon to clear) button when close to dropping customers off. By activating your soon to clear button you make yourself available for the follow on job earlier.