#BookRidePay – your way

Are you ready to Riide?

The new updated Argyle Satellite app is here, available from Google Play and iTunes.

Unlike some other apps in the marketplace, the Argyle Satellite app puts the customer firmly in the driving seat.

Bookings are made simple, allowing you to book your journey even when you don’t know where you are! The locator function will pinpoint your device within just a few square meters of the address requiring just the building name or number to be entered.

the interactive map, not only shows you where you are but also how many vehicles are nearby. The Argyle Satellite app now provides real-time pick up estimates, based on vehicles in your proximity. No longer will you be in the dark as to how long your car will be or where it is.

Instead of us telling you how to pay for your ride home, you tell us. Cash or card, its your choice.

The app is also loaded with the TrackMyTaxi function, along with the ability to call your driver direct. These safety features ensure that you will always get into the right vehicle, and if you are unsure which cab is yours? Call the driver direct.

This is your app, controlled by you. With over 650 vehicles in our fleet, you are never too far away from ordering an Argyle Satellite taxi.

Taxi app Wirral, Cash or Card you choose. Not Uber Not Delta Taxis App Wirral's Taxi App

Booking and paying for your taxi has never been easier #BookRidePay