We connect your restaurant, with your customer

Supporting your business, by opening the doors for delivery

We're here to assist you in expanding your business.

  • Providing a platform to promote your business and deliver your food to a wider audience.
  • With a team of professional delivery drivers at your finger tips, we can help you maximise your reach.
  • Most importantly - ZERO commission payable to 3rd party apps

We'll help promote your business

  • Argyle Satellite social media channels hit close to 100,000 people every week - with the majority living on our peninsula.
  • Aligning our social media streams, we can reach out together and promote your food, menus and increase brand awareness.
  • Your restaurant will be listed on our partners page, showing contact details and a direct web-link from our sites to yours.

Pay no commission on food sales

  • Why pay commission to a third party to deliver your food, to your customers?
  • Don't sacrifice your profit to pay a third party app provider.
  • No booking charges or commission taken from your food orders.

The Process

  • Your customer pre-orders their favourite meals online or by phone direct with you, and requests their preferred delivery slot.
  • Your customer pays you for the order and pre-agreed delivery charge.
  • Using our online web-booker, you or a member of your team book your asap delivery.
  • A driver will collect the food at the allotted time, and transport it direct to your customers house, using an insulated delivery bag.
  • No cash payments required, providing a safe minimal contact delivery.


  • Your kitchen can work to the max' knowing you have the resources to deliver when the customer wants
  • Your business is not restricted by only having one or two delivery drivers.
  • With all delivery slots pre-booked, our aim is to provide ahead of time punctuality.

Payment for delivery

  • Utilising an Argyle Satellite Business Account, allows you to minimise the need for cash handling.
  • With pre-agreed fixed delivery charge and itemised billing, you pay for the deliveries once invoiced.
  • Providing a safe and minimal contact working environment for you and your employees.



  • By working together, we can achieve more.
  • Local businesses supporting one another.
  • Want to find out more? Fill in the form below and we'll get back to you shortly to discuss your options and answer any questions