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Corporate Accounts

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Your business prospers because you excel at what you do. The best way to improve profitability within your business is to become more efficient. An Argyle Satellite corporate account provides you with the opportunity to concentrate more on what you are good at, whilst we concentrate on what we are good at. That's why we provide free to use corporate accounts to businesses like yours.

Whether it be collecting clients from a station or an airport, delivering urgent samples or equipment, or providing hospitality transport for staff nights out. A corporate account provides businesses with an all year-round service day and night, directly at your fingertips. You can be assured that our business is always open, so no matter when you need a vehicle you are guaranteed a priority service.

As a corporate account holder, you are in control. You can manage multiple bookings from the web-booker and also through the new updated smart phone app. This access allows you to book the vehicles you require, when you require whilst keeping you in control. To assist in helping your book-keeping and accountancy, all journeys are itemised and incur VAT.

You can rest assured that all our drivers are DBS certified and licensed as a private hire or hackney driver by the local borough. All vehicles are licensed and fully insured to carry your staff, clients and items safely and securely.

There is no minimum or maximum number of journeys you are required to undertake to open a corporate account. An Argyle Satellite corporate account is simply there for when you need it.

If you would like to apply for a corporate account, please submit your details in the form below and our finance team will assess your application. Please be aware Argyle Satellite Ltd are fully GDPR compliant and may use

The address where your business operates from.
The address the business is registered at. A registered office address is a legal requirement of all limited companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) incorporated in the UK. Its purpose is to provide Companies House, HMRC and other relevant government bodies with an official address for delivering statutory mail and legal notices
The address where your business operates from.