How to?

How to? PDA training videos

We have compiled training videos to help new and existing drivers. Whether you are new to Argyle Satellite and our operating system or are looking for a quick refresher, simply click on the videos.

1 . How to login to iCabbi

To login to the iCabbi driver app, enter your Driver number, followed by your PIN then select LOGIN.

2. How to navigate around the iCabbi home screen

This video provides a brief overview of the iCabbi home screen.

3. How to accept a blue screen job offer

A blue screen job is one that has been sent to you due to you being the nearest/next vehicle for the booking. Failure to accept a blue screen booking will result in you losing your position within the zone.

4. How to accept a green screen bid

A green screen bid is provided as an offer, you are not required to accept it and declining a green screen booking will not affect your position/place within your current zone.

5. How to complete a standard booking

This video shows a standard booking, covering arrived (callback), P.O.B (Passenger On Board) through to completion of the booking; STOP & FINISH

6. How to compete account or card bookings

Account bookings can be either card transactions or business account. This video shows the main differences and what steps are required.

7.How to view booking information

Booking information is provided to assist drivers in finding the passenger efficiently and providing the right service.

8.How to add waiting time when on a booking

Waiting time can only be added when the vehicle is static. Should the vehicle be moving the meter will not activate.

9. How to complete and view bookings with multiple destinations

Some bookings require multiple pick-up and drop-off’s. This video explains how these jobs appear and how drivers should complete them.

10. How to bid for a follow on job, whilst on a booking

Whilst on an active booking, it is possible to view and bid on available bookings whilst in STC (Soon To Clear) mode.

11. How to navigate to your destination using the Waze app

Should you require navigation assistance either to a pick-up or drop-off address, from job screen select OPTION > NAVIGATION.

12. How to contact the base

You can contact the BASE either using the REQUEST TO CALL function or PREDEFINED MESSAGES

13. How to call the customer

Calling the customer improves the P.O.B success rate, increasing productivity

14. how to remove distance restrictions

Should your booking have the incorrect coordinates, you may require the distance restrictions to be removed.

15. How to update to Liverpool tariff (include tolls)

Argyle Satellite operate a minimum fare to and from Liverpool which is four miles on the tariff at the time of travel plus £4 to cover costs of return tunnel fees and lost distance/GPS through the tunnel.

16. How to update booking destination

This video shows how to inform BASE of the passengers new destination

17. how to return a job you have accepted

If you can’t cover a job you have accepted, you can return it to BASE – a maximum of two RETURN JOB commands can be used in 9 hours.

18. How to mark a job as a No Show

You must notify BASE if your passenger is not at the pick-up point.

19. How to activate and deactivate the panic alert

Should you require the PANIC alert, tap the PANIC button three times in close succession.

20. How to log out of the iCabbi driver app

Logging out of iCabbi correctly ensures that BASE know you are unavailable for bookings.

21. Changes to payment method

Should the customer or BASE alter the payment method of an active booking, the tutorial explains what will happen.

22. Restore Previous Booking

23. Paying Settle through Driver Portal

24. Updating Documents Using Driver Portal