Mimu for businesses

With Mimu, we connect your business, with your customer

Supporting your business, by opening the doors for delivery

What is Mimu?

Mimu is the mobile phone app, developed to offer businesses, restaurants, takeaways and pubs a greater level of service to their customers, whilst ensuring social distancing regulations are maintained.

It facilitates food and drink table service, bar collection, takeaway and retail delivery – no queues, no cash, no hassle.

Customers can use the app in venue for table service, or arrange a delivery direct to their home or workplace.

We're here to assist you in expanding your business

Mimu provide an extra shop window, for you to promote and grow your business to more customers.

Businesses are able to connect with Mimu and access professional same-day delivery drivers, ensuring that your business is not restricted by delivery volume.

If you can produce it, we can move it.


Mimu open for business
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We'll work with you to promote your business

Blogs, social media, newsletters and more.

Argyle Satellite social media channels reach 100,000's of people every week - with the majority living on our peninsula.

Working with you, we'll align our social media streams, and assist you expanding your businesses reach to the wider community. Together we can promote your goods, menus and increase brand awareness.

Mimu businesses will be listed on our partners page, directing customers to your businesses contact details and a direct web-link from our sites to yours.


By working together, we can achieve more, supporting local business is the cornerstone to a thriving community.

Argyle Satellite and Mimu are proud to bring to the market a product that will assist businesses in generating revenue and increased revenue within Wirral, Cheshire and Merseyside.

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Mimu Partnership
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Mimu delivers for businesses

Supporting local businesses in providing technology and an exclusive delivery service.

Mimu gives local businesses a cost efficient, on-demand delivery and ordering platform. We are helping generate more business for local and independent traders and Argyle Satellite drivers.

Customers and businesses benefit from receiving attractive subsidised delivery rates, assisting them in enticing more customers.

Find out more about how Mimu delivers here

Customer Service

With Mimu you can offer a greater level of customer service, enhancing customer experience, and encouraging repeat patronage.

Cashless Transaction

Mimu secure payment system will help reduce transaction time and potential accounting errors, giving your staff more time to focus on serving your customers quicker and further increasing profits.

Select Service

Control the services that your venue offers. In-venue, takeaway and delivery, are available to your venue and can be selected as and when required.


Control your venue's menu and pricing while making use of Mimu as your promotional and marketing platform to advertise food and drink specials.

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Download the Mimu delivery app

Order in venue, for takeaway and delivery.

Support local businesses in your community.

Want to find out more?  Visit mimuuk.co.uk