Mimu Delivers

"We can now offer more deliveries to more customers, with drivers available when we need them" 

- Bamboo Thai, West Kirby

Mimu delivers for all. Customers, businesses and drivers.

For customers

Customers who live within 3 miles of their favourite restaurant or retail outlet can have their order delivered direct to their door for just £3.50!

For businesses

Argyle Satellite provide businesses a cost effective, on-demand, fixed price delivery service enabling businesses to open the doors to more customers.

For drivers

Extra bookings at full tariff rate! Mimu and Argyle Satellite subsidise the full delivery cost, ensuring that drivers earn the same for delivery as they would any other journey.

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How it works...

Mimu app screenshot on iPhone with food selection in background

Customers order a delivery through the Mimu app to their home or workplace for just £3.50 - if within 3 miles of the venue.

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Mimu gives Wirral businesses a window to sell their goods, providing an on-demand cost effective delivery option.

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Mimu is all about supporting local businesses, and drivers. The Mimu app has been developed to strengthen our high streets and community.

Mimu delivers for drivers

Drivers receive the same fare value they would expect to receive from any regular booking. Argyle Satellite subsidise the delivery fee, ensuring the driver gets the paid full tariff rate!
1 Mile
£3.60 (minimum) Driver receives
2 Miles
£5.15 (minimum) Driver receives
3 Miles
£6.70 (minimum) Driver receives
The subsidy process we have created enables self-employed drivers the opportunity to achieve more full-price bookings, and brings to the marketplace an attractive delivery option for consumers, retailers and restaurateurs.


*Up to 3 miles from venue - additional delivery fee may be charged by venue for bookings beyond 3 miles.

Mimu delivers for businesses

Orders, deliveries, marketing and promotions.

Mimu connects businesses to customers, and provides exclusive access to a cost effective delivery platform, through their new booking and ordering app.
The partnership with Mimu helps support independent traders and generates more bookings for Argyle Satellite drivers.

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