Ready to start?

In order for you to start driving with Argyle Satellite, there are a few things we need to do to get things ready for your induction.

Our onboarding process consists of four sections; we start off by finding out about you, before requesting licence details and those of your vehicle. The final section is our rental agreement, terms and conditions and declaration. All sections marked with * must be completed. Please upload all documents as requested. Upon completing the form a member of our Fleet Team will contact you to arrange an induction.

It is advised that prior to your induction, you watch the tutorial videos on our How to? page. These will assist you in becoming familiar with the PDA.

  • Personal details - name, contact details etc.
  • Licence details - DVLA driving licence, Private Hire or Hackney driver licence.
  • Vehicle details - Make, Model, vehicle licence and insurance documents
  • Rental agreement, t&c's and declaration