Changes to how App card transactions are processed

Taking effect from noon on Friday 6th December 2019, Argyle Satellite want to make you aware of how your credit or debit card will be charged when paying via the app.

The developers behind the Argyle Satellite app are working to make the platform more secure, helping to protect your bank or card account from any misuse.

In preparation for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure, we have had to change how payments are handled.

  • Pre-authorisation Cards will now be pre-authorised for the maximum estimated fare shown on the app at time of booking. The pre-authorisation will be released immediately after the journey has been completed- and replaced with a final fare cost.

This process ensures that the card is active and is registered correctly, it also secures the required funds to pay for the journey.

In the event the card is not registered correctly, has been reported lost or stolen or has an insufficient balance, customers will have to pay for their journey using cash.

  • Cancelled journeys if a journey is cancelled, the pre-authorisation will be released within forty-eight hours. This process is controlled by Stripe our merchant bank provider; unfortunately, this cannot be over-ridden by an Argyle Satellite employee.
  • Pre-Authorisation for pre-bookings will only be made 2 days before the user’s trip.
  • If the user cancels the booking, Stripe will release the funds immediately. If the funds are not shown as released please contact your card provider.
  • Addresses and card holders’ details should match the name and where applicable the address details of the person booking the journey. SCA checks may cause cards to be declined if the card issuing bank does not recognise or link the card to the person making the booking. This process has been put in place by banks to reduce fraudulent transactions. Please refer to your card issuer if this is a problem; unfortunately, this cannot be over-ridden by an Argyle Satellite employee.

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