Argyle Satellite Tariffs

December 2020 -

To maintain excellent service levels and efficiency, Argyle Satellite operate several different fare tariffs. The tariffs reflect demand for service and specialised vehicles requests.

Tariffs charges listed below are when transporting a maximum of four passengers. For details of tariffs for 5 - 8 passengers and Hackney Carriage's please see Table D (below)

Minimum fare incorporates travel for the first mile. All additional distance traveled beyond minimum fare is charged in 5 pence increments.

Tariff charges – (Table A)

Tariff name Minimum fare < 1 mile 1-2 mile charge 2 miles >
Standard £3.60 £1.55 per mile £1.55 per mile
Peak £3.80 £1.60 per mile £1.60 per mile
Peak 1 £4.30 £2.10 per mile £1.60 per mile
Peak 2 £4.30 £1.60 per mile £1.60 per mile
Peak Night £4.80 £2.10 per mile £1.60 per mile


Fixed fare/Minimum charge tariffs (Table B)

Tariff Minimum cost / minimum mileage Charges included in tariff
JLA – Liverpool Airport £29.50 / 14 miles £4.00 - Kingsway/Queensway Tunnel toll charge

£4.00 - Drop Off/Collection fee charged by JLA

Wirral to MAN – Manchester Airport

MAN – Manchester Airport to Wirral





*Includes Drop Off/Collection fee charged by MAN


Liverpool Variable**/4 miles £4.00 - Kingsway/Queensway Tunnel toll charge

* Price charged from Airport to single address. Multiple collections/drop offs are charged an additional £1.60 per mile

** Liverpool tariff is variable dependent on day and time travelled. The minimum fixed fare incorporates the tariff for 4-mile journey at the time you are travelling, plus the Kingsway/Queensway Tunnel toll charge.

Subject to 5.6 of the published terms and conditions of travel, Argyle Satellite Ltd reserve the right to request full advanced payment for any inbound airport bookings (from airport to destination) including any tolls or minimum set parking fees.

Other charges – (Table C)

Charge name Cost
Waiting time 30p per minute
Animals £1.50 - Assistance dogs are exempt
Valet charge/Fouling of vehicle £35.00 plus accrued fare
Kingsway/Queensway Tunnel toll charge £4.00 (incorporated in Liverpool tariff)
Bank Holiday charge £1.00 (incorporated in tariff)
Night-time charge 50p (incorporated in tariff)


Specialised vehicles tariffs - (Table D)

Vehicle Type Cost
When carrying 5 – 7 passengers Tariff is 1.5 times tariff charges in table A & B
When carrying 8 passengers Tariff is 1.75 times tariff charges in table A & B
When requesting a Hackney Carriage Fare displayed on taximeter is applied


Should you require a fare estimate please call 0151 201 1111 and our agents will be happy to oblige.

Please note, all tariffs are set by Argyle Satellite Ltd and drivers can not alter the tariffs or have the ability charge different tariff rates than those set out by the company.