How to?

How to? PDA training videos

We have compiled training videos to help new and existing drivers. Whether you are new to Argyle Satellite and our operating system or are looking for a quick refresher, simply click on the videos.

1 . How to login to iCabbi

2. How to navigate around the iCabbi home screen

3. How to accept a blue screen job offer

4. How to accept a green screen bid

5. How to complete a standard booking

6. How to compete account or card bookings

7.How to view booking information

8.How to add waiting time when on a booking

9. How to complete and view bookings with multiple destinations

10. How to bid for a follow on job, whilst on a booking

11. How to navigate to your destination using the Waze app

12. How to contact the base

13. How to call the customer

14. how to remove distance restrictions

15. How to update to Liverpool tariff (include tolls)

16. How to update booking destination

17. how to return a job you have accepted

18. How to mark a job as a No Show

19. How to activate and deactivate the panic alert

20. How to log out of the iCabbi driver app

21. Changes to payment method

22. Changes to payment method

23. Changes to payment method