Become a Wirral driver?

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Do you want to be an Argyle Satellite driver? Are you looking to drive your career in a new direction? We are recruiting Wirral Council licensed private hire and taxi drivers now.


How do I become a licensed Wirral Council driver?

All private hire and hackney drivers are licensed by Wirral Council. The licensing measures ensure that the safety of the public is paramount, and that the drivers licensed by Wirral Council are of a high standard.

To apply for your private hire and hackney driver application pack, you need to contact Wirral Council Licensing. You can contact them by telephone 0151 691 8476, or alternatively by e-mail requesting a “private hire/hackney drivers application pack”. The e-mail address is please remember to state your full name and postal address.


What are the requirements to becoming licensed private hire/hackney driver through Wirral Council?

To become a licensed driver, you will need to possess the following;


To apply for your application pack through Wirral Council please follow this link?

How long does it take to become a licensed private hire/hackney driver through Wirral Council?

The exact time it takes from applying to being licensed varies from candidate to candidate. However, we advise candidates to allow a minimum of two months.


How much does it cost to become a licensed private hire/hackney driver through Wirral Council?

The current fees for obtaining your licence are as follows;

  • Initial application and DBS submission fee £108.00 (fee payable to Wirral Council)
  • BTEC training £195.00 (fee payable to training provider)
  • Medical conducted by your own GP £50 – £170 (fee dependent upon your own GP)
  • 3 year taxi/private hire licence £132.00 (fee payable to Wirral Council)


Where can I do the BTEC training?

The BTEC is run at the Argyle Satellite Training Academy, click this link to find out more.


Is there any financial support available to help with paying the fees?

Argyle Satellite do not provide financial assistance at this time; we do however, have contacts with local charities and organisations who may be able to assist and support you.


Do you provide the cars?

We don’t provide any vehicles; however, we have close ties with a number of vehicle management companies who will be able to assist you. Weekly rental (settle) prices for Wirral Council licensed vehicles vary dependent on make and model of the vehicle. However, we would advise candidates to budget £100 per week as a guide price.


How much will my insurance be?

Argyle Satellite have a group insurance policy with prices starting from £56 per week.


Where can I get further information?

If you are interested in finding out more information please fill in the form below and a member of admin will contact you (Monday-Friday 9 am – 4.30 pm)